Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

To honor mothers and Mother's Day, we have a special ONE DAY ONLY savings code just for you!

Use the code "MomSave" from now until midnight (MST) and you get

  (much less than what you would pay for a store bought card...) What a beautiful way to honor the mothers in your life - aunts, sisters, grandmothers too!
When I was a child, handmade gifts for Mom were at the top of our lists, and her surprise and gratitude made us glow with pride as we learned the importance of giving and thankfulness. The church service that day always included a special time when children would present red carnations to mothers and white carnations to grandmothers, reminding us that grandmothers are mothers too!

Our children have enjoyed the same traditions and have made breakfast in bed with flowers from the garden, and I have enjoyed these days so much. I still have the cards that they made, tucked away in my Bible and my dresser drawer—great treasures from some very special loved ones. I’m sure that you are beginning your own collection. It is my prayer that this study brings your children a better understanding of mothers and family, as well as the importance of mothers since the beginning of Creation.

Take a peek inside Mother's Day

Be sure to take advantage of this very special price - only $3 (ends 5/11 at midnight - MST).  The memories you will make with your children will be priceless!

Happy Mother's day!

Amanda B.

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