Contests Rules

USAB Blog Contest General Rules
These USAB Blog Contest General Rules (“Rules”) apply to all contests run on or through a USAB Rafflecopter widget and/or the official USAB blog located at (“USAB Blog”). Additional rules applicable to each contest (“Contest-Specific Rules”) will be posted on the USAB Blog and will act as contest-specific supplements to these Rules.


Contests Subject to Official Rules: In addition to these Rules, all Contests, Entrants and entries are subject to the Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett, LLC Official Contest Rules (“USAB Rules”), relevant Contest-Specific Rules and applicable laws. The USAB Rules can be found online at Entering a Contest constitutes the Entrant’s acknowledgement that he or she has read and agrees to these Rules, the USAB Rules and all relevant Contest-Specific Rules.

Eligibility: USAB Blog Contests (“Contests”) are only open to individuals age eighteen (18) or older who reside in the United States and are otherwise eligible to enter the relevant Contest (individually and collectively, “Entrants”). The following persons are not eligible to enter or participate in USAB Blog Contests: (a) officers, employees, independent contractors and affiliates of Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett, LLC (“USAB”) (b) Contest sponsors, (c) companies or individuals providing Contest prizes, (d) persons who have won a USAB Blog Contest within thirty (30) days of the final entry date of a new Contest end, (e) family members of and persons living in the same household with any of the persons named in (a), (b), (c) or (d).

Entry: Entrants may enter a Contest by the methods stated in the relevant Contest-Specific Rules or by mail (individually an “Entry” or collectively, “Entries”). Entries must be relevant to the then-current Contest and comply with Contest-Specific Rules, and may not contain (a) profanity, obscenity, sexual or other inappropriate content, (b) negative statements about the Contest, USAB or other Contest Sponsors, (c) advertisements or spam, or (d) or links to business, advertising, or adult websites or other websites containing substantial amounts of content which do not relate directly to the Contest or its subject, provided that use of the Entrant’s own website URL as part of the Blog commenting process or an Entry does not constitute a forbidden link. Entrants accept the risk that noncompliant Entries may be voided or invalidated, and release all claims against USAB, any other Contest Sponsors, USAB, the Blog, and their respective owners, employees and contractors arising out of or relating to the disqualification of Entries and/or Blog comments. USAB and the Blog reserve the sole, discretionary right to determine whether any Entry or comment constitutes a valid Entry and to disqualify and/or delete any Entry which, in their sole judgment, does not qualify as a valid Entry. Valid Entries will be entered in and/or applied to the current Contest running at the time in which the Entry was submitted only. Non-winning Entries will be discarded at the end of each Contest and will not carry over to subsequent Contests. Entrants may submit multiple Entries, provided that each Contest has a limit of one (1) prize per Entrant and/or household in any thirty (30) day period, regardless of the number of Entrants and/or Entries submitted. To enter Contests by mail, Entrants may clearly hand-print or type their full legal name, mailing address, phone number, e-mail address and the name of the relevant Contest on a 3″ × 5″ card (“Entry Card”) and mail the Entry Card to Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett, LLC, P.O. Box 505, Dunlap, TN 37327. Mail-in Entries which do not meet these specifications and all other Contest-Specific Rules are void and will be discarded. Limit one mail-in entry per household per Contest. Entrants who choose to enter by mail assume all risks, including without limitation mailing times, lost entries, and lost or missing information. Incorrect, illegible, and incomplete entries, including without limitation entries which do not include a valid email address are void.

Contest Period: Contests will start and end on the date(s) and time(s) stated in the applicable Contest-Specific Rules. Entries not received before the end of the Contest entry period are void. For Contests involving random drawings, winners will be drawn from among valid Entries received during the relevant Contest entry period. Non-winning Entries will be discarded at the end of each Contest. The Contest winners (each, individually, a “Winner” or collectively, “Winners”) will be notified by email. Winners will also be identified on the Blog (located at (“Blog”) and/or the USAB website and Facebook page. Entry constitutes the Entrant’s irrevocable consent to be identified by name as stated above in the event the Entrant also becomes a Winner.

Prize, Notification: Winners will be chosen in accordance with the Contest-Specific Rules or, if no method is stated in the Contest-Specific Rules, by random drawing from among all the valid, qualifying Entries submitted to the relevant Contest in accordance with Contest-Specific Rules. Winners will receive the prize(s) designated in the Contest-Specific Rules and/or on the Blog in connection with the relevant Contest (“Prize(s)”). Prizes will vary in nature and value, and will be described in more detail at the time Contests are announced. Prize(s) are non-transferrable. Winners are individually responsible for all shipping costs on or associated with their Prizes. WINNERS ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL FEDERAL, STATE AND LOCAL TAXES ASSOCIATED WITH THE RECEIPT OR USE OF ANY PRIZE. No substitutions or exchanges (including for cash) of Prizes are or will be permitted. MAXIMUM LIMIT OF ONE (1) PRIZE PER PERSON IN ANY 30-DAY PERIOD, WITH NO EXCEPTIONS OR EXCHANGES. Only one Winner per household in any thirty (30) day period. Winners will be notified by email. Entries constitute permission for the Winner’s name to be displayed, along with text identifying the Winner as a Winner of the Contest, (a) on the Blog, USAB Facebook page and USAB website, (b) on related or linked Facebook pages, and (c) on other Internet websites owned and/or operated by the relevant Contest Sponsors. To claim the Prize the Winner must follow the instructions contained in the notification email within five (5) days after the date of the notification email. As a condition of being awarded a Prize, the Contest Sponsors may, at their sole discretion, require the Winner to execute and deliver to Sponsors a signed affidavit of eligibility and acceptance of these Rules and release of liability.

Odds of Winning: Odds of winning will vary depending on the number of eligible entries received. All Prizes will be awarded. Prizes are not transferable and may not be exchanged for cash or other items.

Sponsors: The Contest is sponsored by Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett, LLC (“USAB”) (individually and collectively, “Sponsor(s)”). Entrants acknowledge that the Contest is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with the owners of Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking website.

Release of Liability: Submission of an Entry into any Contest constitutes the Entrant’s agreement to waive, release and discharge Sponsors and all of their officers, employees, agents, successors and assigns from any and all claims, demands, causes of action and liabilities (including without limitation costs and attorney fees) (collectively, “Claims”), known or unknown, that the Entrant may have or claim to have in connection with, relating to or arising out of (a) the use or publication of intellectual property or specific personal information submitted with or as part of the Contest Entry, unless and to the extent the relevant use or publication results from the willful misconduct of Sponsors, (b) the nature and content of Contests, (c) the ability or inability of individual entrants to access Internet websites (including without limitation the Blog), email addresses or other information relating to Contests at any time and for any reason, and (d) Prizes and the acceptance, possession or use of Prizes won as a result of participating in Contests. Entrants accept full responsibility for and agree to fully indemnify Sponsors against any and all Claims arising out of or relating to Contests, including without limitation the substance and content of their Contest Entries.

No Warranties: Sponsors and their officers, employees, agents, representatives, affiliates, advertisers and sponsors accept no liability and make no representations or warranties, express or implied, with respect to any aspect of the Contest, including without limitation (a) Contest Prizes, (b) the form, substance and content of Entries, including without limitation Entries containing false or inaccurate information, (c) Entries which fail to comply with Contest guidelines, the Rules, USAB Rules, Contest-Specific Rules or applicable law, (d) Entries which may be lost, incomplete, illegible, damaged, submitted after applicable deadlines or not received, regardless of the reason or justification for damage, destruction, deletion or failure of delivery, (e) technical errors or malfunctions, whether or not caused by or originating with Sponsors’ equipment, (f) the functionality of the Internet, email servers or websites, (g) loss, injury or damage of any kind caused by, resulting from or arising out of any Contest, Entry, Prize or related matter, to the maximum extent permitted by law. Entrants accept sole and complete responsibility for making sure Contest Entries are received in an appropriate form and timely manner.

General Terms: The Blog involves online content which may change during use. Contest entries must be submitted in accordance with these Rules, the USAB Rules, relevant Contest-Specific Rules and applicable law. Sponsors reserve the sole, discretionary and absolute right to determine Winners and to cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend any Contest at any time with or without notice or cause. Sponsors reserve the sole, discretionary and absolute right to resolve any dispute relating to or arising out of any Contest. Entries are void where prohibited by law. Entries constitute the Entrant’s agreement to be bound by and comply with these Rules, the USAB Rules, Contest-Specific Rules and applicable law, and the Entrant’s warranty that the Entrant (a) has read and understood all relevant rules, and (b) is eligible to win. Improperly submitted Entries or Entries submitted in violation of applicable law are void and not eligible for consideration. Contests are subject to applicable laws. Contests and all Contest rules will be governed, construed and interpreted under the laws of the state of California. Sponsors are not responsible for late, lost, illegible, incomplete, damaged or misdirected Entries and accept no responsibility for any injury, loss or damage resulting from Prizes or any other aspect of Contests. If any conflict arises between Contest-Specific Rules and these Rules these Rules will prevail. If any conflict arises between these Rules, the USAB Rules or Contest-Specific Rules and applicable law the law will prevail, the relevant Rules will be deleted, modified or limited to the extent necessary and the other provisions of the Rules will remain in full force and effect. For a copy of the Rules and any relevant Contest-Specific Rules, send a written request with a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett, LLC, P.O. Box 505, Dunlap, TN 37327. All Entries and information submitted as part of or in connection with Entries become the sole and exclusive property of Contest Sponsors and will not be returned.

Disqualifications: Contest Sponsors reserve the right to disqualify any Entrant or Entry which attempts to circumvent or break Contest Rules, tamper with the Contest process or otherwise interfere with proper functioning of a Contest, whether or not said Entrant or Entry succeeds in doing so. Entries received in violation of Contest Rules or applicable law, or submitted by Entrants whose conduct violates the Rules or applicable law, are automatically null and void. Invalid Entries are subject to disqualification at the sole, exclusive discretion of Contest Sponsors or their representatives. The fact that a comment is permitted to remain on the Blog does not constitute acceptance of the comment as a valid Entry.

No Purchase Necessary. No purchase is necessary to enter Contests.

Void Where Prohibited. All Contests are subject to applicable law and void where prohibited by law.