Monday, May 21, 2012

Who Are Your Children's Heroes?

As a mom, I know just how easy it is to lose sight of some of the important joys of childhood as we get busy with homeschooling. All it took was one question to wake me up and send me scrambling: "Who are your children's heroes?" What a wake-up call! I got busy and went searching for real heroes for our children--missionaries, inventors, patriots, explorers, pioneers, and more. The new series, Heroes for Today, is the result of those efforts, and the stories are perfect for fun and memorable summer reading. This week  - each collection is just $7! (reg. $10.95)

Heroes for Today contains stories from long ago which I have updated for the next generation. They introduce children to the adventures and challenges of heroes like David Livingstone, Mary Slessor, Eli Whitney, Robert Fulton, Charles Goodyear, John Paul Jones, Lewis & Clark, Dolly Madison, and many others. These stories capture their imagination, while reinforcing important character traits: courage, ambition, perseverance, humility, caring for others, responsibility, faith, conviction, and more.

Take advantage of this week's great sale prices - each Heroes of Today is only $7 (reg. $10.95 each)! It's a great way get ready for a summer of reading adventures and memories for a lifetime. Let your children meet these people, savor their stories, and learn from their trials and tribulations. I have a feeling that the whole family will learn from these stories--I know that we did!


Amanda B.

P.S. - Don't miss the special savings offer where you save $5 more if you buy 5 titles!

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