Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's time to Celebrate Summer!

Woohoo! It's finally time to celebrate the arrival of summer and we've got three fantastic ways to save!

1. Our special gift for you is the brand new Build a Year Planner. It's our FREE gift to you; download it today and check out how easy it is to put together your next school year. Watch the savings pile up as we offer new specials each week! Enter titles for each week of the school year in the weekly planning boxes, use the Planner's wish list to keep track of the titles you need, then check them off as you take advantage of sales throughout the summer!

2. To kick off this Celebrate Summer promotion, check out the five titles that are featured this week:
Download N Go - K-4, 1 week  - $5 each

Unit Studies Adventures - K-12, 4 week  - $6 each

And to make these deals even sweeter, we are continuing our Buy 5, Save $5 offer!

3. Our third way to save is going to be so much fun! In the months of June and July, when you buy 10 studies in one month, we'll give you one free in the next month; when you buy 15 studies in one month, we'll give you two free in the next month!

There will be many sales, both announced and unannounced, this summer, so stay tuned to the USAB Specials page! Join us for all of the savings and excitement.


Amanda B.

P.S. Don't forget that the Olympics  Facebook Co-op begins on July 30!


  1. You list the price here as $4 and $5 respectively but when I went to your site to purchase some of the above items, it was $5 for the Download & Go and $6 for the other.

  2. Sarah M., Thanks for pointing out the error. It's been fixed to reflect the correct pricing. Whoops! ;0)


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