Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What's your Specialty?

Around our house, I am not known as a domestic goddess, and my “smoke detector cooking method” has made me infamous in many circles around the planet. I’m okay with that. However, some things I can cook very well, and the family favorite has to be my Mesquite Spaghetti, homemade from tomatoes grown in our garden and canned each fall by my husband.

Now, you might be wondering what Mesquite Spaghetti tastes like. Well, it has its own unique flavor. I had an Italian roommate in college who was a gifted cook, and she taught me how to make spaghetti, or as she called it, “gravy.” It was AWESOME to eat, and I practiced and cooked it quite often, much to the delight of my newlywed husband.

After children began arriving and I became a bit more preoccupied, I would forget to stir the spaghetti from time to time, and it would burn/stick to the bottom of the pot just a wee bit. This would give the spaghetti a “special” flavor, hence its family nickname, Mesquite Spaghetti. They all love the spaghetti, and we all laugh about the unique cooking process that has evolved over the years. Now, we set the timer every 30 minutes as a reminder, so that someone stirs the spaghetti when the timer goes off.

Family spaghetti night at the Bennett’s place involves Mesquite Spaghetti, my special homemade dinner rolls, and plenty of laughter and fun. I hope you’re creating your own specialties and great memories. From meatloaf to chicken soup, the possibilities are endless.

Go make some family memories in the kitchen this week!


 Amanda B.


  1. In experimenting with homemade taco seasoning, I'll never forget the time we over did it and the children were panting from the spiciness of it! LOL

    1. What a fun memory, Jeremiah and Stephanie! :)

  2. LOL! I, too, have made "mesquite" spaghetti, and it is a favorite recipe now!


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