Friday, May 25, 2012

Celebrate Memorial Day!

Get ready to celebrate Memorial Day with a Limited Time, One- Week Unit Study Adventure for grades K-12 - and it's just $4 from now through Memorial Day, May 28th!

Memorial Day, a day when we take time to remember all of the people that have given their lives for American freedom. They gave up promising futures, families, hopes, and dreams—for all of us. Let's remember to use this day as an opportunity to honor them, remember them, and learn more about their sacrifices.

 As time has gone by, many traditions associated with Memorial Day have been left behind and forgotten. Now, if you ask many children what Memorial Day is about, they remark, “The day the pool opens!” or “The beginning of summer!” It is time that we reclaim the memorial—the remembrance of those who fought so proudly so that we can be free to enjoy our precious God-given liberties.

Memorial Day is structured with lesson plans for each day of the study. Each day's lesson plan has been written in two levels. There is a daily lesson plan for Lower Level (elementary grades), and one for Upper Level (Jr/Sr High grades).

There are reading and writing assignments (Read and Discover), spelling and vocabulary words (Wise Words), biography studies, and projects for the whole family. Favorite books and Internet sites are included in the lesson plan as well as a large resource collection of Internet sites.

This wonderful study is non-consumable and can be used year after year and includes notebooking pages too!

Take some time to introduce your children to this American holiday! 

Amanda B.

*Memorial Day is a limited-availability excerpt from Patriotic Holidays, a four-week study which devotes one week to the exploration of each of the American patriotic holidays
Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Veterans Day

Memorial Day is available for a limited time.
Only $4!

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