Friday, May 4, 2012

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with our One Day Sale!

In honor of Cinco de Mayo - we have a special deal for you!  Today only - Expedition Mexico Download N Go is just Cinco dollars!  Better hurry, because it's "Hasta Luego" tomorrow...

Mariachi bands often bring Mexico to mind, but what are they?
Exciting dances can be incredibly fun, and you may already know some of them.
X marks places on the map—some you will have heard about . . . others will be new finds!
Iguanas are often green, but how long are they?
Cinco de Mayo is a holiday in Mexico, but do you know why?
Old pyramids remain after the Mayan civilization—no need to go all the way to Egypt!

The mariachi bands, Mayan pyramids, and green iguanas are usually what capture the attention of children first studying Mexico. Eventually, their attention turns to the Mexican Hat Dance, the jungle, and the volcanoes. Mexico is a magnificent country, full of all kinds of history, geographic features, wonderful people, and much more. As we head off on our expedition to learn about Mexico, we will be studying these things and discovering a land to remember!

Take a peek inside!

  Expedition Mexico Download N Go
5/4/12 only

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