Monday, August 31, 2009

Gathering Memories Unit Study Package Sale

Includes both the Digital Photography Unit Study AND the Scrapbooking Unit Study for only $19.95. It's part of the big Labor Day Unit Study Sale.

I looked at the name this morning & thought, isn't that what happens with homeschooling every day - gathering memories as they learn?

Hope your week is amazing!

Amanda B.

Homeschool lessons and laughs!

Homeschool science lesson: never put white curtains on the window by the table where science experiments are conducted.

Trust me on this.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Things that I wish I knew when we first began homeschooling, Part 3

Read classic literature with a new eye – finally having the time and curiosity to “see” what the author was saying, and how it fits in with the big picture. When the children were younger, we read The Swiss Family Robinson aloud, and what an eye-opener it was to read it again after living out here in the middle of nowhere. While studying Lighthouses, we learned that Rudyard Kipling wrote Captains Courageous while living in a lighthouse off the New England coast. This classic took on a whole new meaning with this knowledge!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

You know that you in the Deep South when...

You know that you are in the Deep South when the local Hardees has a sign out front that reads: New! Fried Bologna Breakfast Biscuits!

Surprise - Guess who is today's featured speaker?


Guess who is the featured speaker today at The Old Schoolhouse Speakers Bureau

What I wish I had known about homeschooling...

Interesting ideas being exchanged on what we wish we had known when we 1st began homeschooling:

Join the brainstorm!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Laura Ingalls Wilder and Education and Freedom

While researching for a new and top-secret product line [:D] , I came
across this quote from a letter written by Laura Ingalls Wilder:

"Today our way of living and our schools are much different. It has been
many years since I beat eggs with a fork, or cleaned a kerosene lamp;
many things have made living and learning easier. But the real things
haven't changed; they can never change… Great improvements in
living have been made because every American has been free to pursue his
happiness, and so as long as Americans are free they will continue to
make our country even more wonderful."

When reading her writing, it made me think of how much has changed in
homeschooling and technology in the past decade. HUGE changes! The
changes that have come about in this decade can also be attributed to
Americans being free to pursue individual happiness. Interesting how
that theme of freedom keeps rising to the top in many areas of our lives
these days.

Amanda B.
Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Last day of the $10 Back to School Sale!

Last day of the $10 Back to School Sale! For those of you that bought 3 or more studies, your Dogs Unit Study will ship in September - hurray! Thanks to all who have participated so far - packing and shipping here in my corner of the Appalachians, and praying for all of you as I work. YOU are special!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Big $10 Sale and the Dogs Unit Study

For those of you shopping the big $10 sale - order 3 or more studies as described at - and the Dogs Unit Study is the automatic bonus - you don't need to include it with your order!

Whew - busy times here! Shipping as fast as we can - thanks for your

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Don't miss the Back to School $10 Sale

Join in the savings:

Stock up now for this coming school year and save!

Amanda B.

Homeschoolers Dream Garage Sale

This week brings the start of the World's Longest Yard Sale here in the valley - the Highway 127 Garage Sale 

Fun and amazing stuff to be found, but makes moving through town difficult for tractors and regular folks! Wish you all could be here to find some great unit study projects!

What would you look for if you were here? Here's a list of some of my favorites:

Clear storage tubs

Building blocks of all kinds (always adding to our collection - fave of kids who come to visit!)

World globes (under $1 each if you keep watching)

Clear vases, boxes, and other good vessels for growing seeds plented along the walls of the vessel - so that the kids can watch the plant go from seed to rooted plant

Old computers, electrical appliances, keyboards, etc - for kids to dismantle with adult supervision - hands on learning

Fun cookbooks for kids - many printed years ago for teaching kids in the kitchen

Quart canning jars to use for "Gifts in a Jar" creations for Thanksgiving and Holiday Gifts. Our favorite recipe? Friendship Soup Mix!

OK, enough of my list - what would yours contain?

Amanda B.