Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Elections Unit Study and great site!

In the next few days, the new Elections Unit Study will be released, and
it has been a great adventure to write. With all of the candidates and
issues that are so important to many of us, the study has plenty of
ground to cover. The Internet has made the study of Elections so
interesting this time, and there's one site that I have to share. On the
site link below, you take a quiz and see which candidates align most
closely with your stand on key issues - VERY interesting. If your older
kids are interested, let them take it too - they might be surprised with
the results!


Watch for the news, coming soon - the Elections Unit
Study, and yes - there will be a brief introductory sale price, of

Amanda B.

Shoutlife, anyone?

Lots of people have wanted to know if I had a Facebook or MySpace page - I found something better! I have a page on the Christian equivalent, ShoutLife -- shoutlife.com/amandabennett

Stop by and say hello, and check out all of the different groups and categories - there are even homeschooling crowds and lots of familiar faces!

Amanda B.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Free Valentine Gift from me to YOU!

I almost forgot to mention my gift - Words of Love from the Bible.

This free gift includes copywork pages for both lower and upper levels, using Bible passages that teach us about love. This ebook also includes coloring pages. It is called Words of Love from the Bible.

Once upon a time, several years ago, I was in a very bad auto accident and had to have many surgeries. In the midst of this, a friend suggested that I take the time to find each mention of LOVE in the Bible, and write them in a journal. I did this, and I still treasure those special words of love. I put some of them together in this book so that children could see just how much the Bible teaches us about love. I hope this blesses you and yours, and that you remember just how much He loves you.

Here's the link:


Amanda B.

Start your engines - Auto Racing Unit Study is downloadable!

Ready to roar into a new year with some excitement? At long last, the new racing unit study is downloadable! Here's the description, and the download link is at the end of the email - enjoy!

There is such a thrill to hear a racecar roar by as it races down the track! With so many types of competitive auto racing, this topic makes for a great unit study. As well as providing a wonderful opportunity to learn about cars and engines, there is a rich history to racing as well as plenty of science. From stock car racing to Formula One racing, from rallies to drag racing - providing learning and fun for kids of all ages.

When studying racing, history, science, geography and physics come into the picture, and what more exciting and interesting topic than this to learn about forces, combustion, safety and so much more. We will learn about racing legends as well as today’s drivers competing for their turn at victory. We will take a look at today’s family cars – how they work and about some of their features. Speedways around the world will be studied, along with famous tracks here in America. Along with all of this, the students will take a look at the forces involved in racing, car design, safety features, and the driving strategies used by today’s drivers.

Let’s see what we can learn from all of the dreamers, inventors and drivers that helped make automobiles and auto racing a reality. We will take a journey back in time to learn more about the development of automobiles, from Henry Ford and his many contributions to today's designs for tomorrow's cars. This four-week unit study provides plenty of opportunity for field trips as well as hands-on learning. Plan to join us as we take off on a new adventure!

The Auto Racing Unit study contains 20 days of lessons for two levels, Lower Level (elementary) and Upper Level (Jr/Sr High). The study also includes many online resources, book suggestions, project ideas, and much more. A fascinating learning adventure for everyone!

The Auto Racing Unit Study is downloadable, and can be found at:


Also, the Auto Racing Notebook Pages are now downloadable at:


Have fun, and start your engines - the new NASCAR season begins next month!


Amanda B.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

From one avid reader to other avid readers - I have made a discovery!

A New Voice - Tricia Goyer
I wanted to share this link to a new author that is also a very gifted homeschooling mom. She has written some amazing fiction and some much-needed nonfiction. Check it out and get ready to have a new favorite author!

"Tricia Goyer is the author of seven novels, six non-fiction books, and one children’s book. Tricia was named Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference "Writer of the Year" in 2003.  In 2005, her book Life Interrupted was a finalist for the Gold Medallion. Also in 2005, her novel Night Song won ACFW's Book of the Year for Long Historical Romance.  In 2006, her novel Dawn of a Thousand Nights also won Book of the Year for Long Historical. She’s written over 300 articles for national publications and hundreds of Bible Study notes for the Women of Faith Study Bible.  Tricia lives in Montana with her husband and three kids where she homeschools, leads children’s church, and mentors teenage mothers."


Happy New Year from the snowy Appalachians!

I hope this finds you warm and resting up from a memorable holiday season. If you are like our family, you've shared plenty of laughter, good food and a few colds. 2007 was a year to remember, and I believe that 2008 holds some great adventures. I look forward to the start of a shiny new year, glancing through the calendar and noting all the birthdays and anniversaries to be celebrated, along with special days and holidays that add to the fabric of our family life.

Last night, we were surprised by a snowfall here in the Appalachians, and it was beautiful. There is nothing like snow settling in the hills and hollows of these mountains. When the sun comes up, the snow and ice on the pines glitter like diamonds - what a way to begin the new year. I will never forget the first big snow that fell after we moved to the mountains. We woke up to a world absolutely covered with snow - creating a winter wonderland. We spent the day building snowmen and snowdogs, learning to make snow angels (we had just moved from Florida), finding out the difference between sledding on a sled and sliding on a cookie sheet, and so much more. Life lessons - painted in our memories and etched on our minds. Never forget to have fun and learn right along with the children. Sweet memories and new knowledge that everyone shares - some of the simple pleasures and treasures of homeschooling.

For the moment, I am keeping busy with homeschooling, writing, and attending basketball games here, there and everywhere. One of our sons has discovered this new sport, and at 6'4" he thinks he likes it!  And in a month or so, baseball begins. So, I will be traveling to plenty of games for two sports this year, and consider myself blessed that he has this opportunity. I don't know about you, but all of our children were completely different in their interests as they grew older. It has not always been easy, but we have worked to help each one develop their unique gifts and talents - and we have learned so much in the process. From mock trial competitions to volunteer work at the local veterinarian, baseball to basketball, learning how to grow trees to tearing apart the engine of my van - will wonders never cease? I hope not - this is the stuff that dreams are made of!

Amanda B.

P.S.  Don't forget that Easter is early this year - March 23rd. If you are going to use the four-week Easter Unit Study, you can begin it on February 25th to complete it during Easter week.