Friday, May 17, 2013

Memorial Day - Two Days Only!

For most of us, the school year is almost over, but the learning continues 24/7. Curiosity and wonder don't pay attention to the calendar, and the first summer patriotic holiday, Memorial Day, gives us a perfect opportunity to feed their minds and build character.

Great news! The one-week Memorial Day Unit Study is only $2.95 for a limited time. Take advantage of the savings, and don't miss our Pinterest board for patriotic ideas and recipes!

Amanda B.

Memorial Day---a day when we take time to remember all the people who have given their lives for America's freedom. They gave up promising futures, families, hopes, and dreams---for all of us. Let's use this day as an opportunity to honor them, remember them, and learn more about their sacrifices.

Our one-week Memorial Day unit is structured with lesson plans in two levels for each day of the study, one for Lower Level (elementary grades), and one for Upper Level (Jr/Sr High grades).

This wonderful study is non-consumable and can be used year after year. Includes notebooking pages too!

This is a Limited Time Release offer of $2.95 and through 5/18/13.

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