Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mother's Day and the Miracle of Babies

Years ago, back when I thought I knew everything in the world that needed to be known, I was blessed with my very first Mother’s Day gift – a precious baby girl that stole our hearts for forever. We had read all of the books on parenting, taken childbirth classes, and had purchased the very best car seat available. The bright yellow paint was still drying on the nursery walls when I went into labor, even though the doctor had assured us that we still had weeks to go – my first lesson in flexibility as a parent. 

After a 23-hour labor and spontaneous shouted discussions of why we took all of the childbirth classes, our sweet baby girl made her appearance. We couldn't help falling in love with her, and couldn’t get enough of just looking at her – pink chubby cheeks and beautiful bright blue eyes. She was, indeed, a miracle. Remember that feeling – the realization that you had been given your own miracle, a gift from God Himself? That moment was one of THE most powerful that I have ever experienced, when I realized that miracles still happen and I had just been blessed with my very own.

Born just a few days before Mother’s Day, we were able to bring this bundle of joy home on Mother’s Day, my very first Mother’s Day as a mom. I will never forget the memory of sitting there with the best Mother’s Day gift that a mom can be given – the gift of my own miracle, wrapped in a soft cotton blanket and sleeping so peacefully. Her busy stretching and grasping fingers and fascinating expressions kept us entranced for hours of baby-watching that day, my very first Mother’s Day.

Enjoy this special Mother’s Day and remember your own Mother’s Day miracles. They are precious in His sight! 

Happy Mother’s Day!

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