Wednesday, April 11, 2012

True Confessions!

It's time for true confessions. I have been at it again – shopping for seeds!

I can’t resist picking a few packets when I walk by those colorful displays and see all kinds of colorful flowers, vegetables and fruit, just waiting to be planted. From the local dollar stores to the grocery store and the farmers’ cooperative – I am surrounded with packages of promise, and it is beautiful.

 I must admit that I do miss the days when the children were small, and things like a Pizza Garden or Green Bean Teepees were so exciting. Enjoy these days with your family – they will disappear before you know it.

Gardening offers a priceless opportunity to work together on a fun family project, and share thoughts and ideas as you build your own special place of beauty and memories.  Use this study to share lessons about nature and plants with your children. What makes the seeds grow? Why do we grow things? What does a fresh ear of corn taste like? Imagine together what it might have been like in the first garden – the Garden of Eden. 

Get ready to go outside and learn with Gardens Unit Study Adventure - Just $5 this week!


Amanda B.

PS - Come and visit us at the Midsouth Homeschool Convention this week (April 12-14) in Memphis, TN.  We'll be at booths 300 & 301 - Hope to see you there! 

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