Monday, April 16, 2012

Light the Torch for the Next Generation!

Today's the day--it is time to take advantage of an extraordinary unit study learning opportunity this year! The Olympics 2012 are going to be held soon in the United Kingdom, and preparations are well underway.

The event sites are almost complete, the countdown clock is running, and the Olympic torch relay is about to begin. To take full advantage of this worldwide competition, we've been busy, developing the brand new Olympics 2012 Unit Study Adventure ready for your family to use to learn about the big event. I'm thrilled to announce that this new study is available today, and we are offering it at a low introductory price! Just $8 through 4/21/12.

From the opening ceremony to the last medal award ceremony, the Olympics have always been a wonderful gathering point of learning here at the Bennett house. We have favorite sporting events, athletes, and countries that we keep an eye on during the games, and we love trying out different foods from countries that are involved in some of our favorite competitions. When the children were younger, we had a huge world map hung in the hall, and they loved to stick notes and small flags on the various countries that were competing. They developed Global Bowling with our globe collection, but that's a story for another day. 

In this new unit study, we have worked to capture the interest and curiosity of your children. In addition to learning about the specific sports and events, they will learn about the history of the Olympics, world geography, and science and how it applies to sports. They will also learn about the personal commitment of the athletes, their faith, concentration, endless training, and how they reach out to help each other.

In this four-week study your family will dig deeply into:

  • History of the ancient Olympics
  • Science and the laws of physics in sports
  • Sports and the human body
  • World geography, both ancient and modern
  • World politics and its influence on international sports

With plans for 26 sports, nearly 300 events, and more than 10,000 athletes from more than 200 countries competing in these Olympic games in London, this is going to be a great adventure!

Come on and join us! You never know when a spark will ignite in their imagination or an idea will take hold that might help them develop their own God-given gifts and talents!

To enrich your study of the Olympic games, we also recommend the FREE Olympics 2012 Lapbook, designed to accompany this four-week study.

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