Thursday, April 12, 2012

Time to get off the Bleachers!

With the first warm weather comes the crack of the baseball bat and evenings spent at the baseball or soccer fields.

I have also realized that there are seasons of interest in sports that vary for each child, just like their interests in so many other things. While they may love sports this year, next year might be a year of interest in cars or quilts or horses. Be flexible and let them explore THEIR interests. This is their childhood, never to be experienced again. Let them enjoy it!
These days fly by oh so quickly – remember to make the most of them and take some time off for exploring outdoor interests.

Use your imagination and spend some time off the bleachers – get into some great books, spend some time out in the grass playing with your students to get some “hands-on learning” and make some great memories together with Simply Soccer Download N Go - $4 and Baseball Unit Study Adventure - $5.


Amanda B.

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