Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Morning Treats!

Are you looking for some Easter morning ideas for your family's celebration? Here are a few of my kid-friendly favorites, do you have one to add?

Hot Cross Buns 

Make-Ahead Waffle and Pancake Batter

Overnight French Toast

Easy Waffle Sticks for Kids

Easter Story Cookie Recipe

And for the table, one of my favorite projects is to take an inexpensive, twin-size white sheet from a discount store and create a holiday tablecloth. Have your children decorate it with fabric paint and markers. Wash the sheet first, then put something like newspaper or kraft paper between the sheet and the table, to prevent any permanent marks on your tabletop.

Your children can draw maps, illustrate special scenes, and tell the Easter story on the tablecloth. This tablecloth will become a special part of future Easter celebrations, and you can have your family and Easter guests sign the tablecloth, too!


Amanda B.

PS - I hope you're enjoying Week Three of our Easter HOPE Facebook Co-op.  Don't forget our story doesn't end with this week - make sure to come back next week to celebrate the Good News!

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