Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Football or Futbol - You Score!

Which do they play in Australia -  Football or Futbol (Soccer)?  We have a Special One Day Sale so you score and save either way! 

Our friends around the world can celebrate with Simply Soccer Download N Go, while the Americans gear up for yhe Football Frenzy (a.k.a - The Super Bowl!) coming in February!

Simply Soccer is an excellent way to introduce children to this popular sport. This unit study includes history, science, geography, and much more. We have learned about the history of soccer, the rules of the game, and how soccer is played around the world. Lapbooking and craft ideas are included to add a hands-on aspect to the soccer study. . . I really appreciate the book list included for each lesson. These lists are a major time saver for me. I am not wasting countless hours on the library website reserving books that may or may not be appropriate for my children. My kids and I enjoyed the educational links included in Simply Soccer. We especially love the instructional videos. Now I will not feel so ignorant about this sport when we show up to our first practice. This unit study is great for boys and girls—and moms!”
—Erika Keswick, Mansfield, TX

"Whether you are a football superfan or have trouble distinguishing a tight end from a left tackle, you WILL score a touchdown with your kids using Amanda Bennett’s Football Frenzy Download-N-Go™. Similar to an NFL game, this week-long unit study is ACTION packed! Embedded video clips, lapbooking components, just-for-fun activities, craft ideas, snack suggestions, and recommended reading lists afford K–4 students the opportunity to learn the origins and basics of the game. Attention is given to positions, equipment, score keeping, and even the process of making a football. The science of the game is not neglected, and featured stadiums, teams, tournaments, trophies, championship rings, and Hall of Fame players will assure some cheers. The beauty of it all . . . the planning, research, and prep-work are complete! Football Frenzy is a winning playbook in your hands. Simply rally the team, Download-N-Go™, and ready, set, hike!"
—Angela Wells, Frankfort, KY

Take a Peek Inside!

One Day Sale* - Football or Futbol - you Save and Score!
 Use Coupon Code"SuperFun4" and get either Football Frenzy or Simply Soccer for just $4!
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* sale price good through Midnight EST - January 25, 2012 only


  1. We haven't done any sports unit study. This one looks interesting. Thank you!


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