Monday, January 23, 2012

Take your learning adventures to the Land Down Under!

Join us as we take a learning expedition to the "Land Down Under." Expedition Australia is our spotlight unit this week!

Do you have a child who longs for his own boomerang? How about a lover of exotic animals like kangaroos and koalas?  Why not make this week the week you take them on an expedition of learning that they will never forget?

From developing an understanding of the Australian word "barbie," to investigating the Great Barrier Reef, your child can take a trip around the globe on a unique learning adventure.

Designed with the K- 4th grade student in mind, each day of this one-week study will be spent exploring and investigating the wonders of Australia; while lasting learning is reinforced with hands-on activities, like assembling the elements of the Expedition Australia lapbook.

"Inexpensively priced, instantly available, and reusable make it very economical no matter how small or large your family is."
--Sarah Bailey, Springfield, OH

To make it simple and affordable to get started, we've included everything you will need--just Download N Go--AND put it on sale! Spend your time enjoying the learning expedition with them and take advantage of this week's special price--only $4*!   Be sure to stop by our Facebook page for more activities, sharing and fun this week!


Amanda B.

* Sale price good through Saturday, January 28, 2012

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