Monday, January 9, 2012

Take off on a New Learning Adventure!

We are launching into 2012 with tremendous gratitude and plenty of new projects in the pipeline. Beginning today, we will be shining a spotlight on different units each week. This week's spotlight is on both the Amelia Earhart Download N Go and the Flight Unit Study Adventure, and we are offering them at special savings this week. Take off on some fun learning adventures--we'll see you out there!


Amanda B.    

Turn your child's fascination with flight into a nonstop learning adventure and get ready to celebrate Amelia Earhart Day, January 11th.

Take a captivating flight of five fabulously fun days!   

Day 1: Who Was Amelia Earhart? 
Day 2: Science Secrets of Flying
Day 3: People and Places in Amelia's Life
Day 4: Lessons to Learn From Amelia
Day 5: Goodies and Gadgets of Flight

From developing an understanding of the basics of flight, to learning about the accomplishments and adventures of Amelia and other famous flyers, explore related science, history, and geography themes along this exciting journey.

Regularly:  $7.95
On Sale This Week*:  $4

Remember wishing you could fly when you were a child? Flight has held man's attention for thousands of years, and still fascinates children today.  

This four-week unit study will teach your children the history and science of flight while introducing them to famous flyers, inventors, and other brave aviation adventurers.

Come join us as we discover what has been happening in the world of flight since before Leonardo da Vinci first began sketching his ideas for a flying machine. In addition to the history, we will delve into what makes an airplane fly, how it is controlled, and so much more.

Regularly:  $10.95
On Sale This Week*:  $6

Come and join us on our Facebook page - we will have daily learning adventures, inspiration and activities - along with our help and support.  You will take off and soar on new learning adventures in 2012!

* Sale prices valid only for titles shown above and only through Saturday, January 14, 2012.

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