Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday Titles

During our Thanksgiving & Christmas Facebook Coops, we featured additional book suggestions each Tuesday to complement your studies here on our blog.  This was such a popular post, that we decided to keep it! Our hope is that you will use these suggestions to create lasting learning memories together. 

Here are several titles to make your Amelia Earhart Download N Go and Flight Unit Study Adventures really take off...

Nate Saint: On a Wing and a Prayer 
By Janet & Geoff Benge Published by YWAM Publishing

This American pilot served Christian missionaries in Ecuador's jungles until his death at the hands of Auca Indians in 1956. His death along with his fellow-laborers opened to door to the gospel for the unreached Aucas, and many sahy that no single event of the twentieth century awakened more hearts to God's call to serve in missions. For ages 10 and up.

By Russell Freedman Published by Holiday House

What unusual people the Wright brothers were! Despite a four-year difference in age, the two grew up to be as   as close as twins, a patient bachelor pair who methodically set out to prove the possibility of powered, controlled human flight. Just as methodically, they promoted their new flying machine, made lots of money, and overcame the U. S. government's stubborn lack of interest. In his own inimitable way, Freedman takes readers back to that exciting time, using not only the Wrights' written descriptions and the accounts of awed observers, but also a large selection of the careful photographs that Wilbur and Orville took to document their experiments. After an opening chapter to set the stage, the author creates a detailed family portrait. He closes with discussions of the photographs, sites to visit, and sources of further information about the Wright brothers. Grade 4-8

Here is a spectacular and informative guide to the fascinating world of aircraft. Superb color photographs offer a unique "eyewitness" exploration of the history of flight, as well as provide a close-up view of the many different kinds of aircraft in use today, from helicopters to hot-air balloons. See a Victorian steam-powered airplane, a World War I biplane, a jetliner in cross section, what the first pilots wore, how wings provide lift, and what's inside a "black box." Learn how a jet engine works, why early wings needed "doping", how to keep an airplane flying straight and level, and why modern airliners need pressurized cabins. Discover how wooden planes are constructed, what it was like to fly a biplane, how a plane lands and takes off, how a glider works, which plane could be carried on a car, how a helicopter flies, and much, much more. Recommended for ages 8 and up.


By Shelley Tanaka  Published by Abrams Books for Young Readers
The ever-fascinating story of the legendary pilot is given new life in this vividly told true-life adventure. Ever since Amelia Earhart and her plane disappeared on July 2, 1937, people have wanted to know more about this remarkable woman. Amelia Earhart follows the charismatic aviator from her first sight of an airplane at the age of ten to the last radio transmission she made before she vanished. Illustrated with original artworks, contemporary photographs, quotes, and details, this is a great introduction to the famous pilot. The book includes a bibliography and an index.

Who Was Amelia Earhart?
By Kate Boehm Jerome, David Cane Illustrator Published by Grossett & Dunlap

Amelia Earhart was a woman of many "firsts." In 1932, she became the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. In 1935, she also became the first woman to fly across the Pacific. From her early years to her mysterious 1937 disappearance while attempting a flight around the world, readers will find Amelia Earhart's life a fascinating story.

Some Hand's On Fun:

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