Friday, January 13, 2012

Fantastic Friday Returns!

We hope you have enjoyed our spotlight on Amelia Earhart Download N Go and the Flight Unit Study Adventure this week, we've had a good time creating and sharing some lasting memories together on our Facebook page.  Have you "liked" us yet? We're only a handful away from hitting 4,000 (and we have a surprise for you when we do!)

To keep your learning adventures "hoppin" we are giving away Hoppin' Popcorn Download N Go.

Pop! Pop! Pop! Who doesn't love popcorn?

At the movies or a baseball game or at home with the family, popcorn's mouth-watering goodness is a hit everywhere and with everyone! The fun memories created around popcorn are lifelong . . . and tasty!

Imagine the thrill and excitement of popcorn science experiments, popcorn history, and even popcorn art! It's all there in this exciting title!

Day 1: Popcorn—What Is It?
Day 2: The Story of Popcorn
Day 3: The Flavors of Popcorn
Day 4: The Science of Popcorn
Day 5: Fun With Popcorn

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  1. My girls would love to learn the fun, intersting details about their favorite snack!

    1. I wasn't sure if you could access my email from my google acct or not! :/

  2. My kids would love this! Especially since their grandfather is about to visit and they always have a huge bowl of popcorn together!

  3. Another homeschool mom told me about your studies last night. She absolutely loves them and she's gotten me excited about them too. I have three young children that would love them. Thank you for your dedication to learning.

  4. Would love to win, but live in Canada. Wish these giveaways were for us Canadians too! :)

  5. You're right, who doesn't love popcorn! Count us in!

  6. Sounds like a very fun unit, especially when you get to eat the food you're learning about! Another great idea from DNG!

  7. Would love to win this!

  8. My kids love popcorn. It is one of their favorite snacks. Would love to do this study with them.

  9. Sounds like a great time!

  10. Would like to do this one with the bugs! (kids)

  11. We eat popcorn ALL the time! Almost every day! Would be fun to study!


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