Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Did you know?

Did you know that USAB studies can now be used on many mobile devices like the iPad and Kindle Fire with simple apps like GoodReader (for iOS devices) and ezPDF Reader (for Android devices)?

Give it a try today!

 Using USAB studies on your mobile device allows you to take your learning adventures wherever your busy life leads.

Take a look at some of the apps you can use as you  join the adventure with Passport Germany !  The world is waiting...

German for Kids for iPhone and iPad



Are you looking for a fun, effective way to share the German language with your child?
Wouldn’t it be great to give them a head start hearing and speaking German, while their growing brains are literally “language learning machines”?
How great would it be if you could use the power of the computer and attraction of a video game to open your child’s mind to hundreds of German words?

“The best learning feels more like play than work”

Geo Walk HD 3D World Fact Book for iPhone and iPad


***Featured by Apple on "Back to School"***

Looking for a new educational app? Or planning on spending time with your kids to explore how amazing our world is?

CIA World FactBook for Android

Product Description
Based on the Central Intelligence Agency's most recent 2010 data for more than 270 countries and territories, the CIA World Factbook for your Android phone provides a wealth of information about virtually every country on earth.

The app provides information about a country's geography, economy, and government, along with historical information, an image of its flag, and a detailed map. Communication, military, and transportation details are also included, along with cultural information about the county's population.

PairPlay Europe for Android

Product Description -

PairPlay Europe is based on the classic Memory card game. This educational version also helps you learn the geography of nations in Europe. Like the classic Memory game, you are trying to match pairs. The pairs consist of country maps, capitals, and flags of nations.

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  1. your unit studies are PERFECT for the ipad!! the pictures look stunning!!!!


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