Monday, January 16, 2012

Lasting Learning & Delicious Fun are Poppin' up at USAB!

Our spotlight and special savings this week will have you hoppin' and poppin' with deliciously fun learning!

Hoppin' Popcorn (Download N Go) is a one-week study, designed for K - 4th grade students. From developing an understanding of the basics of how popcorn is grown and where it comes from, to learning about what makes it pop, this study will set your family off on an exciting learning adventure.

Along the way, you will find surprising discoveries, such as learning what kitchen appliance was invented because of popcorn. Your students will also learn a bit of history and geography as they study the story of popcorn and the flavors of popcorn enjoyed across the globe.

So get ready for the adventure, and thanks for poppin' in for a week with us as we explore and enjoy
Hoppin' Popcorn! Did I mention you're going to love the price too? It's $4 this week (reg. $7.95)!

Join us as we start this week with lasting learning and awesome adventures!


Amanda B.

  1. Check our Specials page tomorrow, Tuesday, for yet another special announcement.  
  2. Come and visit USAB on Facebook. Over 4000 fans of unit studies already have! This week we'll be sharing the Hoppin' Popcorn fun there too! 

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