Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Discover the Wonder of Winter

Winter—the beauty of the season is stunning as the outdoor world seems to sleep. From the bare trees to the birds gathered at the bird feeder, there is so much to see and enjoy in this cold season.

Like all of the seasons, winter has its ups and downs—the snow storms that bring great beauty
and fun outdoor activities also bring slippery streets and the season of cabin fever. By studying
the wonders of winter, you and your child will not miss the lessons of the season, and the learning adventure can provide moments that will last a lifetime.

From developing an understanding of the word “season” to investigating snowflakes with Snowflake Bentley, this is going to be an exciting adventure. Your child will be looking into how nature changes as winter arrives, answering questions that include:

What are the animals doing in winter?
How do icicles form?
Where did hot chocolate originate?
What is a snowshoe hare?

There will be science discoveries, such as learning about the cause of seasons and how snowshoes work. Your student will learn a bit of history and geography as he studies the story of Balto and learns about the Iditarod race.

So get ready for the adventure, and thanks for spending a week with us as we begin discovering Winter Wonders!

Need some more inspiration... check out some of the fun on our Pinterest board!

Gumball snowflakes , Snowflake Printable , and Winter Wonder lapbooks! Are just a few of the great ideas to celebrate Winter.

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