Monday, May 9, 2011

It's Terrific Tuesday!

Merry Terrific Tuesday!

Why not check out Prairie Pioneers Download N Go? It's a great unit to complement the learning adventure you started with Lewis & Clark!

"When I think 'prairie,' inevitably, I think of the inquisitive Laura Ingalls in her long dresses and braids, Ma tending to the children, and Pa ever ready to save the day. However, brace yourself! In Amanda Bennett's Prairie Pioneers DNG, the great adventure truly begins!

Listen to what another mom had to say about it firsthand -

"This unit study is engaging, action-packed, and guaranteed to please both boys and girls. Everything needed to transport to days gone by is found in this all-inclusive Prairie Pioneers DNG. Embedded video clips, kid-friendly websites, vivid graphics, lapbooking components, and notebooking pages provide students an entire week of educational fun. . . .

As the various prairie trails are highlighted, this DNG also exposes the many hardships endured and challenges faced by the early pioneers. In addition, it calls attention to the fierce tenacity, endurance, strong commitment, dedication, and unwavering faith exhibited by pioneers both young and old. I truly appreciate that my children are engrossed in history while at the same time they are being taught such wonderful character traits. . . .

By the end of this study, I believe, someone will inherit the nickname 'Half-Pint,' there will be Lincoln Log Cabin constructions scattered throughout my house, bunkbeds will be converted into covered wagons, we'll be mining for gold, and asking for large livestock as new pets. Personally, I'm hoping that my children have a better appreciation for even our longest of road trips. Oh well, I can dream, right?"

—Angela Wells, Frankfort, KY

Check out some sample pages here.

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