Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Here's some Help to get your Summer of Fun Calendar!

The Summer of Fun Calendar - June 2011 has been in HIGH demand!  So high, in fact, that our shopping cart reached it maximum 500 freebie limit early each day...

So, to help you get your hands on this fabulous freebie - we have another access point for you!

When you go to this link:

You will be asked to register for our mailing list, which you will want to be on - that way you will get priority for the July and August 2011 releases.

 If you are already a subscriber - Thank you!  Just hit the submit button and you will be automatically sent an email with your direct access to the Summer Of Fun Calendar - June 2011.

Thank you so much for your patience...I know waiting for this wonderful freebie is hard! 

And, here's another tip for you... the  June Calendar contains a promo code to get an additional $4 off the June Summer Fun Pack, which is on sale through 6/30 for only $30.  You can use the promo code, and get it for just $26!  Got to love a deal!

So, go get your Summer of Fun Calendar, and let's have some FUN!

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