Sunday, May 8, 2011

Unit of the Week - Lewis & Clark Download N Go

Welcome back to - Unit of the Week!

This week it's time to take a journey with Lewis & Clark (and celebrate the anniversary of their historic exploration!)

Bison, buckskins, beauty, and liberty—the uncharted wilderness lies waiting.

Build character and curiosity with excitement, fun, and adventure! Take to the trail with Lewis & Clark for a mapping and science exploration through the wet, wild, wonderful American West!

Day 1: What Brought About the Adventures of Lewis and Clark?
Day 2: Who Were Lewis and Clark?
Day 3: Science Secrets of the Expedition
Day 4: Lessons to Learn From Lewis and Clark
Day 5: Remembering Lewis and Clark

How do we know so much about the Lewis and Clark expedition? They told us! They kept detailed notes in journals, and they provided examples of hundreds of new species of animals and plants, presenting a wide window through which we can examine their amazing story and findings.

Children will learn about the outgoing president, Thomas Jefferson, and his efforts to put this discovery team together, along with the team's preparations to head west into the unknown. They will meet Sacagawea and her young son, Pomp, as well as Lewis's dog, Seaman!

There are many journeys worth studying. This may be the best yet!

This unit is on sale this week - only $5.95 (through May 14th)

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