Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day

Here's a note from Amanda's files, written for Memorial Day a few years ago. We thought you would enjoy reading it as we celebrate Memorial Day this year!

Happy Memorial Day! I hope this note finds you well and getting ready for a special weekend and a celebration of remembrance for those who have given their lives for our freedom. We're busy here, putting up our patriotic kites in the den, flying the flag at every opportunity, and wearing an interesting collection of all-American T-shirts that we've made and purchased over the years. I've even put small flags in my porch planters! We have so much to be thankful for, and so much to remember.

How's your garden growing these days? Our corn is almost a foot tall, and the flower seeds have sprouted and some are already blooming. For this city kid, the corn growing in the field is still an amazing sight. Tomato production is big in our county, and it looks like they will have a banner year. I'm now searching for new pickle recipes, as well as creative ways to use zucchini squash. I hope that your garden adventures are productive this year, as well as educational for the whole family. I imagine that the entrepreneurs here will soon begin trying to figure out how to market from the garden on eBay . . .

Last weekend, our oldest son graduated from high school, and what a celebration we had! Family from all over the country came to help mark the special occasion, and we're still emailing special photos around the country as we savor the time spent together with an eye on a promising future. My new niece, at the ripe old age of three months, made the 12-hour car trip. We had a wonderful time with her and had to search the basement to find the cradle for re-assembly. Time flies so quickly, and your homeschooling days will go by much faster than you can even imagine. Enjoy these days, and create some special memories for your children. Work to develop your relationship with each child while you have the time together—a truly priceless investment.

We will enjoy this holiday weekend here on the farm and keep the focus on Memorial Day, remembering the sacrifices of so many for our freedom. Appreciate our freedoms, because they certainly have been protected by the lives of many brave men and women over the past centuries. Pray for our leaders and our troops in these days. Like many of you, we've got family in harm's way today, defending and protecting our country and our freedom.

Counting our blessings this Memorial Day,
Amanda B.

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