Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Unit Studies - Help is on the Way!

Unit Studies.  Need help getting started . . .  Help is on the way!  

One of the most amazing discoveries that I made as a homeschooling mom was realizing that one of our children was an over-the-top auditory learner. He could remember ANYTHING that he heard, which can be good AND bad.  :) He was a good reader, but if he could listen to whatever he was studying, he had an amazing level of retention. I hadn’t realized it, but I had been adjusting the way that I interacted with him accordingly over the years. In other words, I had figured out that if I wanted him to remember something, writing it on a note and sticking it on his breakfast plate had no lasting impact. However, if I made him look me in the eye as I told him what I needed him to do—bingo!

Take a moment and think about what type of learner you are, and then which type of learner each of your children might be. Interesting, isn’t it? At our house, we are all quite different in our learning styles. One child loves to take notes, another hates to take notes but has complete recall of spoken words, and still another learns best if he is actively in motion and involved in the process of creating something. I had to teach to several types of learners at the same time, and unit studies certainly made that possible.

I’ve tried to cover much of what I’ve learned in my book Unit Studies 101, and it’s on sale right now through 7/27/13. If you want to know how to use unit studies, what I know about unit studies, or even how to create your own unit studies, this is the book. This week we also have the ever-popular, and interactive, Unit Study Journal on sale, so that you can have a reusable record keeping tool for study after study.

Check them out, and let me know if you have any questions along the way!

Amanda B.

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