Monday, July 29, 2013

Coffee Talk: Planning Your Year With Unit Studies

I've got my coffee in hand--let's talk about one of the most frequently asked questions. "How do you plan a school year with unit studies?"

Well, here's a little bit of background. You’ve probably heard by now that I love unit studies. ;) It all started when we tried textbooks at the beginning of our homeschool adventure, and the children lost that spark of enthusiasm for learning and exploring. I was determined to kindle that fire with interesting topics—I wanted them to WANT to learn. I began creating unit studies for just that reason, and it worked. I have that same goal for your children. No more fighting over how many textbook pages to read or “Do I have to do ALL of the problems?”

Over our next few days, let’s talk about how to plan this coming year the easy way. First, download our free Build a Year Planner. It's a very simple tool that we created just to help plan the year ahead.

Begin filling in your planner by including the special days—holidays, birthdays, vacations, etc. All of these are important to the family and can be great indicators of unit study choices. At our house, birthdays call for a week-long celebration, while Thanksgiving and Christmas always involved a four-week unit study and the making of many memories.

You are off to a great start! People are so amazed with how easy it is to fill a year with unit studies, add a math and language arts program, and be FINISHED with shopping and planning! Keep it simple, friends. This isn't rocket science, and I know rocket science. :)

Until next time,
Amanda B.

PS – Download a list of all of our unit study titles here. This list makes planning MUCH easier!

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