Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Coffee Talk: You Are Special!

Every child is special and precious, and part of our job as parents is to let them know how special they are, and how much they mean to us. However, real life can sometimes move us far away from that goal, and it is so easy to get distracted and take our eye off the target. As I sit here with my coffee, I can think of some of the times that I am guilty of doing exactly that, and you probably can think of a few times that the same thing happened to you.

Don't let the busyness of life push the loving kindness so far to the back of your mind that you miss the easy opportunities to show them they are loved and appreciated. It doesn't take anything but time, really. And it doesn't even require much time.

When they do something well, or display extraordinary kindness, or master something that has been tough to do, let the world know how proud you are of them! When our children were young, we had a "You Are Special" plate that we would set out for special occasions for any one of us - birthdays, game days, baptisms, getting braces put on or off, heading off to camp, and so on. They loved the recognition and appreciation, and it was such a simple and fun gesture.

These are the things that they will remember in the years ahead, and use them to pattern their own parenting. When I write these studies, it is with the same goal - that they explore and create and realize that they are special and bright and so unique!

I hope you enjoy this very unique giveaway that we are having here on the blog for the next few days. This plate could become your family's new tradition!

Amanda B.

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  1. Every time one of our children have a birthday, they get to choose a parent to take them to lunch for pizza or at a special restaurant. After dinner they open their gifts and we have cake and ice cream. It's been fun seeing them grow along with their tastes. :-)

  2. We look through picture books and tell the story of the day they were born each year to each of our children on their birthday. This usually gets the whole family talking and laughing as we remember key events/memories that have happened since they were born.

  3. Margie Huddleston margie@thehuddlestons.orgJuly 31, 2013 at 1:54 PM

    The birthday boy always gets to choose where to go eat breakfast that day. We all go, including dad, and it has been a tradition for years. Makes them feel special.

  4. For birthdays at our house, each person gets to pick out 2 days worth of their favorite meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Plus, they get to choose their birthday cake and theme for the cake. Finally, on the night of their birthday, I right about what has happened in their life since their last birthday. I make sure to note how much I love them and how proud I am of them. I plan on making a book out of the entries for each child and giving it to them when they are adults.

  5. Birthday's begin with pancakes and sprinkles topped with whipped topping and a candle for fun!

  6. The birthday kiddo gets to start their day with their choice of breakfast item (donut, breakfast taco, etc.) in which we stick a birthday candle and sing Happy Birthday!

  7. For birthdays the birthday person gets to pick their favorite meals.

  8. Funny how birthday traditions revolve around food. We all go to Pizza Putt for birthdays where we play videos games, climb on the monstrous indoor playground, and have a round of putt-putt (mini golf).

  9. The birthday person gets to choose their dinner menu and what dessert they want.


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