Friday, July 5, 2013

Building Blocks, Toolboxes, and Go-Carts . . .

It all began with their fascination with LEGO building blocks, and both daughter and sons were hooked. From princess castles to space alien destroyers, they created and built all kinds of wonders. Their imaginations were in full gear, and I learned to wear slippers at night to avoid the pain of the sharp edges of stray pieces. :)

From there they moved to slot car sets, and their dad taught them all about modifying race cars to get maximum speed. They learned about racing strategy and how to distract their siblings at critical moments in a race. The challenge of creating a track layout that was all their own was huge, and they had a blast with the possibilities.

As they grew older, my husband made sure that they each had their own toolbox. He included the basic tools, and made sure that they knew how to use them. The days of toys were over as he moved the boys on to taking apart real engines and reassembling them. They tinkered with boat motors, lawn mower engines, go-cart motors, and tractor engines. The kitchen table was typically covered with newspaper and something in a state of disassembly and discovery.

My job during all of this? I took them from Henry Ford to Rudolf Diesel and beyond using a unit study approach. Turning their interests into a tangible path of learning, they learned all about the parts of cars and engines, and there was plenty of hands-on learning along the way. They will never forget our day at the Corvette factory!

Build on your child’s curiosity to open new areas of unforgettable learning. The Auto Racing Unit Study is a great place to start for the builders, tinkerers, take-everything-aparters, and gearheads in your house. It’s only $6 this week, and it offers a 4-week unit study adventure!

Enjoying the journey,
Amanda B.

PS. Check out my Auto Racing Pinterest board for fun!

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