Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Life, Lessons & Sports

Hike!” The cry could be heard up and down our neighborhood on Saturdays when I was a child. These days, football for kids is more organized, but the family fun factor is still there. Here in our small town, the beginning of football season for the youngest players is quite an event, and it is celebrated all over town. Their team colors match the local high school colors, and they are so proud of their uniforms and the chance to play. This is truly a family sport in my town! 

When this young team takes the field, ages 5 and up, their helmets and shoulder pads are just about all that you can see; they closely resemble bobble-heads. Parents, siblings, grandparents, and other family members bring along lawn chairs, as well as coolers full of sports drinks, sodas, and lunch. This is when the fun begins for these families, and memories and friendships are formed

At the Bennett house, football season is always greatly anticipated and the countdown has begun here. While we have raised baseball and softball players, everyone still has a favorite college football team, and the weekend gatherings to watch games on television are memorable. Football provided some of the earliest lessons in strategy, along with an understanding of the importance of teamwork. They learned about the dedication to faith and God-given talents of some Christian college athletes. Our kids still follow the lives and accomplishments of these dedicated young men who are now professional football players, missionaries, and more. 

There have been some priceless lessons along the way—lessons about life and sports and kids. I hope that you and your crew can find the same kinds of lessons as you travel along your adventures in learning. Life lessons from sports—who knew that learning could be so much fun? 


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