Thursday, July 4, 2013

Tell Your Stories for Generations to Come!

Do you have boxes of pictures and mementos, loosely stuffed baby books, and photo envelopes with the negatives sliding all over in the back of the closet? 

These bits and pieces of the past are part of your family legacy, and you can use this four-week unit study to assemble scrapbooks that will help tell your stories for generations to come. From your mother's cheerleading picture to the tassel from your own high school graduation, all of these have a story to tell. Use this study to prepare a lasting library of the history of your family!

What a fun summer project for the whole family

  • Did you know that Thomas Jefferson and Mark Twain were avid scrapbookers? 
  • Did you know that girls would include hair weavings in their scrapbooks of the 1800s? 
  • Did you know that Mark Twain probably made more money from a scrapbooking invention than he did from royalties on his books?
Even as you read this, I am pulling out pile after pile of pictures and memorabiliaassembling the piles in a corner of the family room. Using this unit study, we will organize and assemble records of our adventures. After 20+ years of marriage and three children, I have a LOT to organize, and so much to share with our children! Come along and join mewe will tackle this project together!

Scrapbooking is on sale now through 7/6/13 for just $6!

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