Thursday, August 1, 2013

It’s All About the Ducks

Here on the farm, we are smitten with ducks. We’ve got a farm pond, and we always have ducks paddling around in it. From the time the children were young, there have been white ducks, mallard ducks, wood ducks, and others. The children have loved having ducklings waddling around, and so have the grownups.

From the ducks, they learned about the life cycle of birds, the importance of taking care of them, and just how beautiful God’s animals can be. We loved learning how birds fly, how they nest, how their feathers work, and the importance of flying and swimming lessons. They will never forget reading books like Ping the Duck and Daniel’s Duck. We’ve carried over our love of ducks into the world of Duck Dynasty these days, enjoying the antics, as well as their times of prayer and emphasis on family. We are still talking about ducks, from points around the globe. ;)

Dynamic Ducks was a labor of love to write, as I tried to share our fascination with another one of God’s creations. I hope you and your crew enjoy it!

Amanda B.

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