Monday, August 22, 2011

You Asked, and We Listened - It's BACK!

Learning should be an exciting adventure – SHOULD BE but that’s not always the case, is it? I can honestly say that learning was not exciting to me UNTIL we began homeschooling with unit studies. When we made this switch, a breath of fresh air moved through our lives, and nothing has been the same since that time. With the change came the realization that education was more than books or homework or hours spent in sheer boredom.

With textbooks, I could pour facts into our children’s minds on a daily basis, but these facts seemed to disappear just as quickly. Unit studies can change this – the retention, the adventure, the family fun, and the lifetime lessons of learning and exploring, along with the ability to become self-motivated learners. Bingo! J

Unit Studies 101:

In this book, I have shared all kinds of information that should help you better understand unit studies and how they work. You will also learn how to choose our own topic, how to research and build a unit study, and how to use a unit study. Whether you are trying to better understand the concept of unit studies and how they work, or want to learn more about how my unit studies are created, or perhaps build your own unit studies, this book should be a big help.
Some of the topics addressed in Unit Studies 101 include:
  • What is a unit study and how does it work?
  • What is the difference in textbook study and unit study?
  • How do we learn?
  • The role of hands-on learning in today's children
  • Basics of using a unit study successfully
  • Creating your own unit studies
  • Choosing a topic
  • Researching your topic
  • Building your study
  • Using your study
  • Online resources for your unit study research--TIMESAVING!
  • Bringing it all together for success!
  • Amanda's unit study starters for ten favorite study topics
  • Research tips from Amanda, along with brainstorming forms and much more!

From learning styles to using unit studies with multiple children, I have included plenty of the lessons that I’ve learned over the past eighteen years. Now go on and enjoy the learning adventure!

Unit Study Journal:
The Unit Study Journal has been created just for YOU! With forms that you can fill out on the computer or print and fill out by hand, Amanda takes you by the hand and walks you through recordkeeping for unit studies. From the "Starting Point" forms where you find out what each child wants to learn about the unit study topic (when do geckos sleep, what is pizza like in Italy, etc.) to the "Books That We Used" forms that help you track those library books, Amanda’s included plenty of helpful things to give you an edge with your unit study explorations.

The Unit Study Journal is packed with even more help to get (and keep) your school year on track. It includes forms to help you keep track of:
  • Independent Reading
  • Family Read-Alouds
  • Internet Resources
  • Movie and Videos
  • Unit Study Projects
  • Field Trips
  • Unit Study Plan Calendar
  • Unit Study Assignments
  • Daily Unit Study Diary
  • And more!
Go ahead and take a peek inside this valuable resource!

Get all of this for the low introductory price of
Regularly $29.95

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