Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cookies and Love

”Many years ago, I was working far away from home, in a very isolated environment. Packages from home were more cherished than gold there. My dearest friend’s mother in Oklahoma regularly sent a care package for her daughter and often included me as well. The item I most looked forward to in those packages was a bag of Monster cookies. They were chock-full of everything sweet, rich, wonderful, and reminiscent of the simple life at home. If it’s possible for a cookie to hug you and say “You are loved,” these do.”
~ Charlotte McKinney

Here's a recipe for you to send some "love" to someone you care about:

Monster Cookies
12 eggs 8 teaspoons baking soda
2 pounds brown sugar 1 pound margarine
4 cups sugar 3 pounds peanut butter
3 teaspoons vanilla 18 cups minute oatmeal
3 teaspoons white corn syrup 16–ounce package M&Ms
16-ounce package chocolate chips

Mix all the ingredients in the order given (mixing margarine with eggs and sugar first).
Drop spoonfuls of dough onto a cookie sheet and bake at
350 degrees for 10 to 12 minutes (or more, depending on the size of your cookies).

If this sounds like too much to deal with all at one time, this recipe can be halved.

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  1. Friends, make sure to save this recipe - you will probably be needing it when your youngsters head off to follow their dreams! The care packages that you send will be treasured and anticipated, whether for your children, friends, brave soldiers, or those that just need to know that someone cares. It's a simple gesture that means so much and the kindness can carry through to many generations!
    Amanda B.


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