Friday, February 22, 2013

Not Just a Great Wall . . .

Our last stop in our trip around the world is . . . China!

It’s usually the fireworks, kites, and the Great Wall that capture the attention of young students. China is a beautiful country full of all kinds of history and geography and wonderful people.  As we head off on our expedition to learn about China, we will be studying these things, and having a trip to remember!

Get ready for a learning adventure about this country and all that it holds! Your child will learn about the people and places of China, the unique animals of China, and some of this nation’s history. Each day will be spent exploring and investigating, creating and adding more learning components to the Expedition China lapbook—building a wonderful remind of all he is learning to be enjoyed for the years ahead.

From learning about some of the inventions of China to investigating the Great Wall, your child is about to begin a trip around the globe on a very unique learning adventure. Your child will develop a natural appreciation of all of God’s creation.

We will be investigating:
  • Where on earth is China?
  • Some of the special places in China.
  • Animals of China.
  • Cool things to know about China.
  • Fun and games in China.
  • Missionaries to China.

Join us on the expedition – China, here we come!

Expedition China is on sale now for $5 until 2/23/13!

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