Thursday, February 21, 2013

Desert, Rain Forest, Savanna . . . Explore Them All!

Are you enjoying our trip around the world?  Next stop is . . . Africa!

Safaris, deserts, and Egyptian pyramids first come to mind when a child begins to think of exploring Africa, and rightly so. Africa is a vast and exciting continent full of all kinds of history and geography and remarkably interesting animals. As we head off on our expedition to learn about Africa, we will be studying these things and having an excursion you won’t soon forget!

Get ready for a wonderful learning adventure about this continent and all that it holds. Your child will learn about the people and places of Africa, the animals of Africa, and some of this continent’s history. Each day will be spent exploring and investigating, creating and adding more learning components to the Expedition Africa lapbook—building a wonderful reminder of all that he is learning to be enjoyed for years to come.

From looking at the animals that most of us only see at the zoo, to climbing the mountains and trekking through the deserts, your child is embarking on a trip around the globe on a very unique learning adventure. Your child will be developing a natural appreciation of all of God’s creation. We will be investigating:

  • Where on earth is Africa?
  • Some of the special places in Africa.
  •  Animals of Africa. 
  • Cool thinks to know about Africa
  • Fun and games in Africa

Africa, here we come!

Expedition Africa is on sale now for $5 until 2/23/13!

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