Friday, February 15, 2013

Get Ready for the Daytona 500 With Auto Racing!

What a thrill to hear a race car roar by as it races down the track! With so many types of competitive auto racing, this topic makes for a great unit study. As well as providing a wonderful opportunity to learn about cars and engines, there is a rich history to racing as well as plenty of science. From stock car racing to Formula One racing, from rallies to drag racing - providing learning and fun for kids of all ages.

When studying racing, history, science, geography and physics come into the picture, and what more exciting and interesting topic than this to learn about forces, combustion, safety, and so much more. We will learn about racing legends as well as today's drivers competing for their turn at victory. We will take a look at today's family cars – how they work and about some of their features. Speedways around the world will be studied, along with famous tracks here in America. Along with all of this, the students will take a look at the forces involved in racing, car design, safety features, and the driving strategies used by today's drivers.

Let's see what we can learn from all of the dreamers, inventors and drivers that helped make automobiles and auto racing a reality. We will take a journey back in time to learn more about the development of automobiles, from Henry Ford and his many contributions to today's designs for tomorrow's cars. This four-week unit study provides plenty of opportunity for field trips as well as hands-on learning. Plan to join us as we take off on a new adventure!

Get ready for the Daytona 500 on February 24th with Auto Racing - on sale for now for $6 through 2/16/2013!

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