Tuesday, February 12, 2013

From Pioneers to Presidents . . . Learn About the Heroes of America!

Of the many things that the upcoming generation of students need, it is important that they have heroes—people that they can look up to, learn from, admire and identify with—we all need heroes! I have always loved stories about heroes and their brave acts, and years ago, I came across a wonderful antique children’s history book, American Hero Stories: 1492 – 1865.

Originally published in 1906, this book captured my attention and my imagination. I hated learning about history from textbooks, and now I had discovered a valuable teaching tool! The stories used heroes and heroic actions to weave a strong fabric of American history for the students. I wanted to share the book with this upcoming generation of children, and worked to update the text and added Internet resources in each story.

With these stories, your children will learn about

  • Voyagers and explorers
  • Early American colonies
  • Pioneers and presidents
  • And more! 

The story of Dolly Madison’s bravery was new to me, and fascinating. The stories include the adventures of George Washington’s days as a young soldier and the hard work of Abraham Lincoln to get an education on his own, and many others.

The stories are all here, updated and ready to thrill a new set of students. When reading these stories discuss the character traits that were important in the story. Point out bravery, honor, loyalty, dedication, courage, selflessness, and other traits that can be seen in each story’s characters. Dig deeper into people or topics that surface while working on each hero story, using the Internet Resources provided or Internet search engines.

Enjoy the book, the lessons and the learning, and have fun! Heroes of America is on sale now through 2/16/13 for just $6!

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