Monday, October 29, 2012

Welcome to our 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Co-op!

I just wanted to take a minute to invite you to join us for the Second Annual Thanksgiving Co-op on our Facebook page! Starting this morning, we’re kicking off this fun, online event, which will run through Thanksgiving.
What better way to help families using the Thanksgiving Unit Study Adventure, than to have a month-long cooperative with our Facebook friends? I’ll be answering your questions as you and your family work through the study.  We're looking forward to enjoying  the community: sharing fun and laughter, caring: sharing tips and encouragment, and creativity: sharing recipes, crafts, resources and more!

In addition,  each weekday during the Thanksgiving Co-op, we will be sharing Scripture, devotions, recipes, activities, and lots of Thanksgiving fun.  You do not want to miss a single day! 

Let's Get Started! 
 Here Are Our Learning Objectives For Week One:

  • Define “thanksgiving”
  • Discover what the Reformation was, and how it impacted churchgoers of England
  • Find out who the Separatists were, and why they had to leave England
  • Learn about the Pilgrims emigration to Holland - where they went and what they discovered there

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