Friday, October 5, 2012

Created in His Image

Children come into this world with insatiable curiosity, a magnificent imagination, and creativity as unique as their fingerprints. Creativity is one of those gifts that I believe God has given us, since He created us “in His image.” It can open the door to all of the treasures and abilities that He placed within us.

Some children will be more interested in the great outdoors, while others will want to read any book within reach. Others will struggle with handwriting, while taking your breath away with their pencil sketches along the margins of their journal.

There are many kinds of interests that can help reveal gifts and talents. You may follow some interests around the world and back again, only to discover that what they were most interested in at the age of five (fireman) is exactly what they will pursue as they reach adulthood.

As I look back at some of my favorite homeschooling mementos from over the years, I am stunned at how creative our children were in such unique ways, and at how much we all might have learned if I’d been a little more creative in helping them grow. Relax and stay open. You’ve got room to roam with them, and plenty to explore!


Amanda B.

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