Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Autumn Means Fundraising for Busy Homeschoolers

As a mom of homeschooled kids, this season always opens up a time of sports, co-ops, planning for mission trips, and plenty of other great adventures. This ALSO begins the time where fundraising ramps up and everyone looks for new and effective ways to pay for these plans.

 Here at the Bennett house, we’ve been involved in all kinds of fundraising for baseball and basketball teams, and on and on – selling citrus, chrysanthemums (you should have seen our van pull up for deliveries J), Krispy Kreme doughnuts, Christmas gift wrap, candy, and so much more.

However, they were pretty commercial endeavors, and I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve discovered a new kind of fundraising that involves families on both sides of business. At last. And I LOVE their balsam wreaths – the smell and the look of the fresh evergreens are perfect for the season.

Wreaths of Maine is a wreath-making business in Maine, begun 30 years ago, and they work primarily with homeschooling groups and families trying to raise funds for all kinds of projects. I can tell you that their handmade wreaths are gorgeous, and that they are so appreciated by the recipients!

From their website:

Fundraisers are for groups, families, and individuals that need to raise funds. That is where Wreaths of Maine helps. Thousands of homeschooling families have been earning money selling Christmas wreaths and those funds have gone to pay for music camps, science fair traveling expenses, trips to museums and one student saved up to buy a horse...”

If your group or clan is looking for a great way to do some fundraising, check out this business. Visit their Facebook page and their website, ask all of your questions, and see what you think. I know where my wreath will come from this year!



Amanda B.

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