Monday, October 1, 2012

Ride the Wave of Adventure

"Mom, look at THIS!"
"Hey Mom, you aren't going to believe what we found!"
"Mom, please come look at this--what is it?"
I don't know about you, but I have heard these calls so many times over the years, and they still make me smile. From seashells to lizards, rocks to caterpillars, kids love to explore and wonder about everything. They love to share their finds and learn more about them, and they never forget what they learn this way. They were created full of curiosity and wonder--and that's your starting point.
Whether you've got older kids clamoring to watch the night skies with a telescope or younger ones asking for the binoculars to see the moon, I've written these studies to span the K - 12 range. Using unit studies to explore the corners of the universe makes the learning:
  • Lasting
  • Exciting
  • Memorable
  • And oh so inviting!
From wild animals to pet dogs, from pioneers to thundering trains, the list of topics to pursue with USAB studies has now grown to 77! Wow--that should help add some fun and excitement to your homeschooling. You bring the curiosity, we'll bring the learning fun!
To help you with their explorations, we've got some fun titles on special that cover a range of grades, from K - 12. Also, we are bringing back the very popular Buy 5, Save $5 More offer that you don't want to miss!
Amanda B.

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