Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Thanksgiving Fun is Just Getting Started!

Good morning, all! For those that are just joining us, welcome! You are joining us in the first week of our four-week ThanksgivingFacebook Co-op, and we are already enjoying the group effort!
Many families are working through the Thanksgiving Unit Study together.  As part of the co-op, we have designed a four-week plan that allows us to share some helpful finds, our new Fruit of the Spirit Bible study and printable activity, ideas, and encouragement - oh, and some other surprises over the next four weeks, too. :)

The Fruit of the Spirit Bible study/printable activity has been designed as a companion for the Thanksgiving co-op. You can download the Free printable     and jump right in anytime.   We will be continuing the Fruit of the Spirit Bible study with devotional posts on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays through the Co-op, taking a look at each component in the days ahead.  

The Blessings Tree is a simple idea that I had when our children were young and I wrote the very first Thanksgiving study. I was trying to come up with a fun way to "count your blessings" for them so that it would be a fun thing to do each day. We were living in Florida at the time, and I missed the autumn leaves and their colors, and the idea of the Blessings Tree was born. :)
It is described in the Thanksgiving Unit Study, and has been a hit with families - you wouldn't believe some of the stories that parents share about the things that kids write on the leaves! :) It is an optional project for the family to do to help keep this season focused on blessings and giving thanks. We'd love to see pictures of your family's tree!

Amanda B.

PS - SAVE some of the most precious leaves - years later, they will bring back great memories, many smiles, and a good perspective on the path that you followed.

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