Thursday, June 7, 2012

Doing it Right for Dad!


Father's Day is June 17th, it's time to celebrate all the wonderful ways fathers add to our days!

Dads are so important to families, and Father's Day provides a chance for children to learn more about their dad and recognize all that he does for them.

From some of the fathers in the Bible to the history of Father's Day, this study is rich with lessons in character, appreciation, and love.

Day 1: What Is Father's Day?
Day 2: The History of Father's Day
Day 3: Celebrating Father's Day
Day 4: Preparing for Father's Day
Day 5: Goodies for Father's Day

Celebrate Dad with this memory-making study!
Take a peek inside this unit.
Here’s what homeschooling parents are saying about Father's Day:
Shhhhhhhhhhhhh don't tell my kids this is part of school!
 It is filled with crafts and activities for children to try and learn - I love these studies because they go beyond your basic educational learning - they get imprinted in my children's mind and they take some of the treasured activities and learning in their hearts for the rest of their lives. With the Father's Day Unit Study, my children will learn just how hard a daddy's job is to do!
Things I loved about this study:
  • I loved the history behind Father's Day ~ some things that I don't think I even knew before!
  • I also liked that it showed how different people celebrated it ~ whether it was New Zealand, Finland or even my home Canada!

As usual there are fabulous activities and celebratory ideas in this book that were so much fun, it was hard to choose what to try! I'm excited and will use this Unit Study for a few years just to get out of it all there is with my children! It was much more fun and a treat than feeling like school work! In fact I think a lot of these crafts and activities could be adapted for church group activities, preschool, or just plain fun (even if they are educational! ~shhhhh just don't tell my kids! They think I'm just brilliantly creative!)”
—Amy Cruson, Sask, Canada

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