Thursday, June 28, 2012

Boats, Boys and Dreams

Sipping my coffee this morning, I am remembering the time our son, then age 9, told us that he hoped to get a boat someday so he could go fishing on the river. A boat? For a 9-year-old? My husband and I talked about it over several early-morning coffee sessions. This was our quiet, never-ask-for-anything child, and he clearly was taking a step out of his shell to bring this up. Praying over it, I still was unsure about the next step.

A few days later, my husband came home, all smiles. He had heard about an old motorboat that needed both body and motor work before it would be seaworthy, and the seller was asking a ridiculously low price—a low enough price that we could buy it and there would be just a bit of rebuilding money in the budget. I don't recall ever seeing our son smile so big or get so excited as the morning they went to pick up their new treasure, the gate to one of his dreams.

They spent many a weeknight and weekend working on that boat, rebuilding, poring over library how-to books and then trying out the ideas on their dream boat. They were busy building and learning so much—about boats and motors, and about each other. Most important of all, they were strengthening their relationship, one that is strong and continues to grow even today.

The boat? They finished it, launched it, and still tell stories and laugh about their adventures with that very special red boat. 

What idea or question has YOUR child mentioned?

Blessings -
Amanda B.

PS - Check out our Specials Page for some great suggestions to help answer their questions and pursue their dreams!


  1. That is fantastic! I love that we are blessed with these special little people in our lives. It goes so fast, which makes the time even more precious. What a wonderful memory for them!!

    1. It really does go fast. These are the kind of memories that my family cherishes most!


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