Thursday, June 21, 2012

Milky Way, Shooting Stars and Memories


One of the first things that we learned about summer nights in the country was that the Milky Way was directly overhead, and that it was HUGE! Having moved here to the dark nights of the Appalachian Mountains from the bright city lights of Florida, we were stunned to find out what we had been missing. Once we added a telescope, we were totally hooked. God’s creation was never easier to see, and the thrill of watching the night skies has never lessened.

Since those early discoveries, we have made it a top priority to watch the evening skies with our children. From meteor showers to passing comets, we have made great use of the night sky news from sources like

Another discovery that we made by watching the sky was that we could actually spot satellites as they passed overhead. We watched many shuttles, the International Space Station, and many other satellites tumble in and out of the sunlight, and what a thrill that was! We spent many a night outside on the picnic table, watching for shooting stars and satellites, and we have made so many memories.

Pick a night and head outside. Your children can learn things like knowing how to find the North Star and the constellations and so much more. No electricity required--just go outdoors with your crew, and watch creation fly by!
Amanda B.
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