Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's Ocean Adventures Week at USAB

This month we will be featuring several different units each week that you can use to explore learning adventures together. Each week we will showcase units that fit together nicely into a "theme" for you. We will have new themes every week. Make sure to visit us on Facebook for more learning activities, inspiration, and fun!

Welcome to Ocean Adventures Week at USAB!

This week you can get everything you need to set off on a learning adventure to the ocean. And, with our great special prices--you can afford this trip!

Learn about the geography of the Earth and the oceans, the amazing variety of life in the ocean, the history of ocean exploration, along with the resources the ocean provides, and much more. This 4 week long study, will captivate your K-12 students with something for every level!

Lighthouses - Unit Study Adventure K-12 - $5

Discover the importance of lighthouses in the development of America, learn about life in a lighthouse, and how the lamp developed over thousands of years. See the amazing architecture of these structures, as well as the details of the buildings and the amazing beauty of the oceans and waterways around them! A 4 week long, K-12 adventure awaits you!

Dolphin Days Download N Go - K-4 - $4

What can compare to the animals that God has created? From the smallest amoeba to the largest whale on earth, God has made each one and fashioned it with amazing and unique features. Let the children see and learn about His creation from some of his mightiest handiwork. Dolphins are among the most graceful, intelligent, and beautiful of His ocean animal creations. Your child will investigate this animal—what it eats, the sounds it makes, where it lives, and much more. A 1 week learning vacation for your K-4 student!

From developing an understanding about the basics of seashells and where they come from to learning about the ultimate seashell recycling animal, the hermit crab, there is much to be learned on this exciting learning adventure. Your child will learn about the components of seashells, as well as some of the best shelling places in the world. He will learn about seashells around the globe, along with the places they can be found. Along the way, there will be science discoveries, such as learning how a seashell is formed, how pearls are created, and how some shells can move about. Your student will also learn a bit of history and geography as he studies the different types of seashells from across the globe. A K-4, 1 week learning adventure!

We hope you enjoy all the learning possibilities and great sale prices during Ocean Adventures Week at USAB!

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