Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Animals & Kids: Keeping Them Learning

Kids and animals—a match made in heaven, indeed. All of our children have loved animals from the time they were old enough to see the animals in books, at the zoo, in the backyard, and in movies. If you want to see a child smile, take him to the monkey section of the zoo. It never fails to make me laugh when watching children enjoy the monkey antics!

When they are interested in animals, follow their interests and build from that starting point. From elephants in Horton Hears a Who to elephants in Marco Polo’s story, you can stretch their imagination and their knowledge with unit studies. Our children love any and all animals, and our book collection reflects this fascination. Give books about animals as gifts and for special occasions if you have a child who loves animals. When our daughter graduated from veterinary college, we gave her a very special edition of a favorite book: The Story of Dr. Doolittle!

What is the title of YOUR child’s favorite animal story? Post it here as a comment, and let’s exchange some fun titles and ideas!


Amanda B.


  1. My 8th grade daughter says the title of her favorite animal story(s) is "The Golden Filly Series", and my son's favorite growing up was "Billy and Blaze", and "Pony Pals", all about
    horses of course!

  2. Charlotte's Web is awesome. (4th grade daughter )

  3. Thanks for sharing, Anna! Billy and Blaze was a huge hit here, as well, along with the Marguerite Henry books about horses - starting with Misty of Chincoteague.

    Anna, could you email me - amanda @ unitstudy.com - I've got a question for you. Thanks!

  4. Dar, all of our children dearly loved Charlotte's Web, along with Stuart Little. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. My son loved the Marguerite Henry books about horses. But our FAVORITE animal story was one that we LIVED--when his service dog Lauren from Canine Companions for Independence taught my seven year old son who has cerebral palsy how to slide down a slide. It was a miracle that unfolded right before my eyes. That dog taught my son how to live.

  6. Oh, that is wonderful, TN Quiltbug! Brings tears to my eyes - animals can teach us so much about living. I am so proud of your son for giving it a try and being willing to learn from Lauren. Thanks for sharing that precious miracle!

  7. Amanda--Our family has certainally appreciated your unit studies through the years. We started homeschooling in the dark ages--you know, back when your materials were printed in books! My son's favorite was your Trains study.
    Lauren was truly a miracle. My tribute to her life is on my blog at: http://tnquiltbug.blogspot.com/2010/10/sometimes-miracles-have-fur.html
    Canine Companions is a wonderful organization, and they train these miracles and place them free of charge with disabled people. With other organizations, it is NOT unusual for you to have to pay $10,000 -20,000 for a trained service dog.

  8. TN Quiltbug - that means that we are both from back in the dark ages! :) Glad to hear that your crew enjoys unit studies. Thanks, too, for sharing more about Lauren - what a blessing for the whole family!


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